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The Studio

Though this site focuses on Jeff Morin, he does collaborate with other artists and shares his shop with Brian Borchardt. They also work with artists around the country to make paper through our summer intensive. They make roughly 4000 sheets of paper in ten days, then divide the paper amongst the artists  giving each an inventory for print and collage projects in the coming year.

Our Story

Jeff's Story

Jeff Morin taught graphic design around the country and built letterpress studios for multiple institutions. After one university decided to liquidate the studio that he had built and on which he was dependent, he put his efforts into building an independent facility.

As he was driving through a small Georgia town, he noticed a print shop that had letterpress equipment. He walked in and struck up a conversation with the owner, who was interested in selling off part of the shop. He had been approached by antique dealers on many occasions to buy the equipment, primarily to dump the type and sell off the drawers for knick knack shelves. He handed Morin a job stick and asked him to start setting type. Jeff obliged. After which the owner said, "It's yours."

He has saved many print shops through similar experiences in Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Meet the Artists

Jeff Morin and Brian Borchardt print under separate press names from a shared print shop. They also work as paper makers -- bringing artists together from around the country for a summer paper making intensive.


Brian Borchardt

Sevens Hills Press


Originally from Rosendale, Wisconsin, Brian started making books with basically no background, training, or education in the field. He was introduced to book arts through his friendships with Jeff Morin and Caren Heft. For most of his post-collegiate life, he has worked in the publishing industry. The name Seven Hills Press was inspired by his first trip to the wonderful city of Rome. Visit his site here.


Jeffrey Morin



After growing up in Madawaska, Maine, Jeff received his training in letterpress printing and paper making while studying with Walter Hamady. He has worked as a commercial photographer, graphic designer, educator, and college administrator. He has scavenged print shops around the country  building an extensive inventory of cold type and curiosities.

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Please contact us if your are interested in letterpress books from either press or in our fine arts work.